GCF Volunteers 1983-2013

Greek singer Glykeria visits a GCF meeting.
GCF members with Glykeria.
Maria Vlitas and Greek actor Lakis Lazopoulos.
Lakis Lazopoulos signing Concert of Hope poster for Sam Matthews and Nick Nicolaou.
Left to Right: Katie Papoutsakis, Marina Tsotos, Vaia Bekas.
GCF committee with Terence Quick at December 12, 1999 GCF dinner dance.
Left to Right: Joanne Simionescu, Maria Hadjidemetriou and Thamie Nanos.
Mary Politis accepting award on behalf of Antenna from Tom Kostpopoulos at December 12, 1999 dinner dance.
GCF committee.
GCF committee members along with Schneider Children's Hospital staff at December 9, 2001 dinner dance.
Ria Liberatos Georgelis and Peter Nanos.
Irene and Peter Vlitas.
GCF committee.
GCF Young Adult Division Christmas party at Ronald McDonald House.
GCF Young Adult Division members at Ronald McDonald House with Greek singers Dimitris Kokotas and Lefteris Pantazis
Left to Right: Nick Pavlou, Anna Dalaras, Stanley Matthews and George Dalaras.
Left to Right: Kelly Nicolaou and Joanne Simionescu.
Left to Right: Thomas Orecchio and Chris Coroneos.
Left to Right: Demetra Coroneos and Thamie Nanos.
Left to Right: Stanley Matthews, Bishop Alexios and GCF supporters.
GCF committee during December 9, 2001, "Snowflake Ball" dinner dance.