The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Schneider Children’s Hospital mission statements reflect GCF’s values and its strong commitment to enhance the lives of children in need.

Stanley Matthews, GCF’s founder and chairman, focuses on children’s well-being. The children motivate Mr. Matthews, and he, along with the GCF committee, have built a non-profit organization based on generosity, compassion and teamwork. These values have led GCF to successfully assist thousands of children and their families with the non-medical financial problems that are caused by illness and displacement.

Generosity: GCF is built on the generosity of its founder, Stanley Matthews, the volunteers who share much of their time, the Greek-American community that provides monetary and moral support, the medical institutions that give their resources and knowledge. GCF’s work embodies the principals of both the Greek and American traditions of caring for others in a generous and open way.

Compassion: Members of the committee have compassion for the children with life-threatening illnesses and for the vulnerability their families experience during this challenging time. Every donation or act of support made to GCF affirms the power kindness and compassion have to nourish people enduring hard times.

Teamwork: The ongoing collaboration of GCF volunteers, the hospitals, the patients and their families and the support of individuals, organizations and community groups has been the formula for GCF’s success. Only by working together with each of these groups could GCF have had the opportunity to offer this level of assistance to children and families over the past 25 years.