• February 25 – Stanley Matthews makes the very first donation of $1,000 beginning the Greek Children’s Fund.
• April 29 – GCF raises $7,005 in its first three months of existence
• May 5 – James (Jimmy) Patsalos donates $1,100 to MSKCC. This is the largest donation made to GCF so far.
• June 8 – For the first time, GCF provides a family with financial assistance to pay for their rent at the Ronald McDonald House for the first time.
• June 14 – Total amount raised by GCF is $9,800 by this date.
• Stanley Matthews receives recognition from MSKCC for creating GCF.
• During its first year of operation GCF provides assistance to over 50 families.


• December 31 – Pan Gregorian Enterprises presents Stanley Matthews with their Humanitarian Award.


• Late 1985, early 1986 – Pan Gregorian Enterprises hosts their first dinner dance to benefit GCF.
• May – Pan Gregorian Enterprises of New Jersey donates $20,000 to GCF. These are the proceeds from their dinner dance. This is their first donation to GCF and the largest donation GCF has received so far by another Greek-American organization.
• By the end of 1986, GCF has raised and disseminated over $50,000 to help defray the cost of treating Greek children with cancer and to assist and support Greek families with some of their non-medical needs while at MSKCC.


• November 28 – The Karpathian Federation hosts their 18th Dinner Dance, at which they honor Stanley Matthews.


• January – Annual P.G.E.I. Charitable Foundation of America dinner dance raises $25,000 to benefit GCF.
• March 5 – Cancer Fund Luncheon hosted by the National Philoptochos to benefit GCF at the Plaza Hotel. This event raises more than $98,000 for GCF.
• April 15 – GCF donates $50,000 to MSKCC towards building a term endowment.
• December 4 – Stanley Matthews receives acknowledgment from Paul A. Marks, M.D., President if MSKCC.


• March 7 – The P.G.E.I. Charitable Foundation of America makes their fourth donation to GCF in the amount of $25,000. The donation was made at their offices in Edison, NJ.
• March 11 – The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society National Philoptochos Children’s Cancer Fund Annual Benefit Luncheon takes place at the Waldorf Astoria.
• By March, Pan Gregorian Enterprises of New Jersey has raised over $100,000 for GCF.
• December 3 – P.G.E.I. Charitable Foundation of America’s 5th Annual Dinner Dance, Pines Manor, NJ. This event raises $35,000 for GCF.
• December 15 – First annual GCF dinner dance at the Marriott in Uniondale, NY.