Housing: The Greek Children’s Fund will continue to provide housing for Greek pediatric patients receiving treatment at hospitals in the New York tri-state area and residing at the Ronald McDonald House or any other facility deemed necessary due to illness and lack of space at the Ronald McDonald House.

Daily living stipend of $300/per month: The Greek Children’s Fund will continue to provide $300/month per family for daily living expenses. There shall be a two (2) week elimination period before any monies shall be given to the patients. One philanthropic budget sheet per patient per month will be written after the month is completed. Budget sheets will be written the beginning of one month for the previous month. [This stipend program began in 2003 with $200 a month. It became effective on 8/1/2003 for payment for the first week of September. The stipend was increased to $300 in 2006 because of the increase of the cost of living.]

Transportation to and from airports: The Greek Children’s Fund will continue to provide a travel allowance to and from NY airports. The travel allowance shall be for the Greek pediatric patients and their guardians only. Only social workers can authorize funds for transportation through pretty cash. Greek families must make their own arrangements and pay for car service from the airports. They are to give the receipt to their social worker who will arrange the reimbursement. The patient must be one of the persons who are traveling Once the social worker is advised of the patient’s discharge and return home he/she will authorize petty cash funds at the negotiated rate (to be established). There will be an annual cap of $2,000 for all families’ transportation needs.

Funeral expense: The Greek Children’s Fund will continue to pay for funeral expenses not to exceed $5,000 per patient.