Funds will be distributed to patients of Greek descent (hereafter referred to as Greek) and their families based on the annual guidelines developed in conjunction with the presiding officer of the Greek Children’s Fund, the Director of Social Work and Hospital Administration. Philanthropic budget sheets will be prepared by the Pediatric Clinical Social Worker assigned to each Greek patient and approved by the Director of Social Work or his/her designee. The distribution will be paid out in the form of cash to the patient/family or a check in the determinate amount to the vendor. If funds are requested due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the established guidelines (size of family, length of illness, medical expenses vs. medical coverage) the Clinical Social Worker will develop a philanthropic budget describing the rationale for the request. The Director of Social Work will then contact the presiding officer of the Greek Children’s Fund for final approval. Patient/families may not go directly to the Greek Children’s Fund with requests for funds to be disbursed through the hospital; requests must be initiated by the Clinical Social Worker.