Stanley Matthews




George Kitsios

First Vice President
Peter Nanos 

Ismini Michaels

Assistant Treasurer
Eleni Tsamblakos

Corresponding Secretary
Irene Kehayas Drakopoulos

Recording Secretary
Sam S. Matthews

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Chris P. Coroneos
George Papas
Joanna Simionescu

Stanley Matthews


Dear Friends,

On the 25th Anniversay of the Greek Children’s Fund, I reach out to you as Ambassador of all the children and families we have assisted throughout the years.  As you see, I still hold the title that Andonakis bequeathed to me 27 years ago.  Ambassador of children in need.  This has been the grandest and most humbling title ever bestowed upon me.

It is with great pride that I accepted the invitation of these children and I have not left them, in fact, they have been my life-long companions.  I’m a lucky man.  Although things change, I continue to come to their aid wherever they may be.  Having the children’s well-being as my focus, I, my friends and family, the very dedicated volunteers of our committee, the staff involved at the medical centers, and the Greek-American community, have worked together with diligence and devotion to enhance the lives of children who face life-threatening illnesses.

On behalf of the Greek Children’s Fund committee, and most importantly, the patients and their families, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for your continued and unprecedented support of this most worthwhile cause.

They say that a mane never stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.  By courageously and tirelessly supporting the Greek Children’s Fund, the Greek American community stands tall.  Greeks have always distinguished themselves by their compassion, warmth and energy.  The continued success of the Greek Children’s fund is a testament to those very qualities.  It is but one example of what our community can accomplish, and I, along with all the other members, are eternally grateful and proud to be part of such a wonderful community.

I wish to personally extend my deepest appreciation to all of you.  I consider you all as not only friends and supporters, but as family.  You are an inspiration to us all and your efforts make me proud of our great heritage.  I know that with your help and with God’s blessing, we will achieve another twenty five years of progress.

Gratefully yours,

Stanley Mathews
Founder and Chairman