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First Vice President
Peter Nanos 

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Assistant Treasurer
Eleni Tsamblakos

Corresponding Secretary
Irene Kehayas Drakopoulos

Recording Secretary
Sam S. Matthews

Board Members
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Sam S. Matthews

Recording Secretary

Sam S. Matthews, took the helm of the Greek Children’s Fund in 1993. As the son of GCF’s founder, Sam has been a part of the organization from the very beginning. His involvement reflects the commitment of the entire Matthews family to GCF and to enhancing the lives of children with life threatening illnesses. Sam’s drive to expand GCF and to always improve the organization continues to this day.

Sam served as President for five consecutive terms, from 1993 to 2003. He has held the position of President longer than any other GCF member. Sam’s years as President have been defined by his youthful enthusiasm, diligence and his openness to new ideas and to new members.

During his first year as President, Sam worked on GCF fundraisers and closely collaborated with MSKCC to make Dr. Papadaki’s fellowship possible and GCF’s educational mission a reality. In 1998, Sam was instrumental in creating GCF’s relationship with Schneider Children’s Hospital.

Sam has actively participated in all GCF fundraisers including helping to organize each GCF dinner dance since 1993 and acting as Master of Ceremonies at some events. He has served in all capacities, from chairing events to selling journal ads and raffles. In addition, Sam is GCF’s spokesperson and always looks to promote the organization. No task is too great or too small for him.

As President of the Greek Children’s Fund, Sam’s most notable accomplishments have been:
• Achieving endowment status at MSKCC and bringing the GCF endowment account to over $1 million by 1999
• The Concert of Hope
• The Telethon of Hope
• The five NGTV telethons
• Partnership with Schneider Children’s Hospital
• Working with college students to establish “Hope for Life”, GCF’s Young Adult Division
• Holiday Reception celebrating GCF’s 25th Anniversary
• Partnership with The Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center
• Involvement in all Greek Night at Shea and Greek Night at Citi Field fundraisers
• Constant supervision in ensuring the success of every GCF event
• Regular interaction with all GCF hospital affiliations to ensure a constant line of open and positive communication

Several new and exciting fundraisers, such as the Cyprus Night Dinner Dance and Greek Night at Shea, began during Sam’s tenure as President. These ventures were a result of his support and encouragement. An avid Mets fan, Sam threw the first pitch during the very first Greek Night at Shea and has purchase numerous Mets sports memorabilia at the annual Sports Auction, over the years.

Sam’s dedication to GCF and his commitment to children with life threatening illnesses and their families is remarkable and praiseworthy. An attorney and a married father of three, he never ceases to find time to juggle his GCF responsibilities in his already over-flowing schedule. Sam’s passion to continue GCF’s mission for years to come is evident in his intense involvement and support of all GCF fundraisers and new opportunities that will allow GCF to flourish.

From Sam: “The net benefit of being a part of GCF is, you get a smile and a thank you from the patients as they say: Thank you for being here with us. That smile and thank you has no monetary value attached to it”.