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George Kitsios

First Vice President
Peter Nanos 

Ismini Michaels

Assistant Treasurer
Eleni Tsamblakos

Corresponding Secretary
Irene Kehayas Drakopoulos

Recording Secretary
Sam S. Matthews

Board Members
Tina Anastos
Chris P. Coroneos
George Papas
Joanna Simionescu

Peter Nanos

First Vice President

Peter and his wife Thamie have been GCF members for the last 20 years, serving as advocates for the Greek and Cypriot families living at the Ronald McDonald House. Their compassion and boundless generosity towards families in need is extraordinary and inspiring. They visit the Greek families living at the Ronald McDonald House on a weekly basis and help them in every way they can. This includes driving them to and from the airport and hosting them in their home during birthdays and holidays. Peter and Thamie make every effort for a family’s stay in New York to be as comfortable as possible. Every Sunday, Peter has a tradition where he calls all the families he’s befriended over the years, who have returned to Greece and Cyprus, to see how they are doing. In August 2006, Peter and Thamie hosted a reunion for all families GCF assisted in the past 25 years in Peter’s hometown of Leondarion, Arkadia, Greece. The weekend celebration was attended by approximately 50 former GCF families (approximately 150 people).

From Peter and Thamie: “The Greek Children’s Fund is an organization that is and has been, very close to our hearts for more than 20 years. This organization is comprised of a group of very special people that we have had the pleasure to work with over the years and that we are honored to call our friends. During our involvement, we have met so many families from Greece, Cyprus and the United States who are dealing with children who are sick. With the help of the Greek Children’s Fund, they are brought to the Ronald McDonald House while being treated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in addition to other area hospitals. During these most difficult times, we have become very close with these wonderful and loving people. We wish we could do more to help these families, but we do all we can to provide them with some help and we hope and pray for their well being.”