Stanley Matthews




George Kitsios

First Vice President
Peter Nanos 

Ismini Michaels

Assistant Treasurer
Eleni Tsamblakos

Corresponding Secretary
Irene Kehayas Drakopoulos

Recording Secretary
Sam S. Matthews

Board Members
Tina Anastos
Chris P. Coroneos
George Papas
Joanna Simionescu

Eleni Tsamblakos

Assistant Treasurer

Eleni has been is GCF member for the last eight years. Initially an active member of the GCF Young Adult Division, Eleni transitioned to the GCF Committee in 2005. Among her many contributions to GCF, she is responsible for ensuring that all GCF financials are in order. She serves as a patient liaison and is a contact person for external vendors and other community businesses and organizations. Additionally, she established GCF’s ties with the Chian community in the New York area. Eleni’s dedication to GCF is further illustrated by the fact that for 2007-2009 time period, she held two roles in the organization, assistance treasurer and corresponding secretary.

From Eleni: “Volunteering is one way I am able to give back to my community. You never know where you might find yourself in life and one day it could be me. By volunteering I am able to use my skills and to learn new skills. I feel blessed to be able to help and applaud the GCF for the work they have done the past 25 years!”